3 Ways to celebrate National Entrepreneur’s Day

Today, November 20, 2018, is National Entrepreneur’s Day in the United States.  We celebrate the women and men who have built businesses from nothing.  Business, in general, is great for our country and local communities.  Entrepreneurs create jobs, generate a variety tax revenues for their local and the national government plus their businesses spur innovation and inventions.

This day of recognition began in 2010 by David Houser and Siamak Taghaddos, co-founders of Grasshopper, and Amir Tehrani of The Legacy Foundation and is celebrated on the third Tuesday in November.

The Enterprising Moms has many entrepreneurs and we’ve listed three ways to celebrate those members and this day of entrepreneurial recognition.

Get Social

Create a post honoring entrepreneurship in general or give a shout out to a specific entrepreneur.  The hard-work and persistence of building a business inspires us all and today presents a great opportunity for an inspirational post.  Use hashtag #nationalentrepreneursday 

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them” – Walt Disney

Thank an entrepreneur

Thank entrepreneurs that you know that have created jobs, products or services that impact your life or your community.  Write them an email or a letter thanking them for their contributions.  Better yet, write a testimonial or review that highlights what positive effect their business has had.


Reach out to the entrepreneurs that you know to connect with them or to make an introduction for them.  Search your community for networking opportunities that you can participate in today.   For example, the Alpharetta Chamber of Commerce, which is in my town, is hosting an orientation event today which is open to everyone.  I encourage you to attend this event if you are in the North Fulton area.

National Entrepreneur’s Day is the day to honor the entrepreneurs that make our lives and this country great!  I hope you enjoyed these three tips on how to celebrate our business visionaries.

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