Send your customers some love on Valentine’s Day

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Show your customers your romantic side this Valentine’s season.  February is a short month but it’s full of opportunity to say “I love you” to your customers.

Send a card

Valentine’s Day is an extremely popular day to send cards.  Approximately one billion Valentine’s Day cards are exchanged each year in the United States.  You can send a “we love our customers” card (and you should) but why not also include a Valentines or love themed card for them to send to their honey?  I tend to procrastinate on cards myself so it would be very helpful to me to have one on hand.

Blank Valentine or love themed cards can be useful for your clients.  I also include a branded card that says that I love my customers.

This year I am also including a love themed, scratch-off  lottery ticket to a few of my VIP clients as well as Valentine’s Day card.  If they win, I hope they’re inspired to book a vacation through my travel agency.   You could include a time sensitive coupon or gift card that brings them back to your business.  I always send a branded card so that they know that it’s from my agency but I do not include my business card as this is just a “hello, I love you” message.   E-cards are a fun idea as well.


Add a little “value add” in your card if possible.

A couple’s event

Valentine’s Day is all about romance and people are always looking for fun and unique ways to celebrate the holiday.  The usual suspects are dinner, candy and flowers but some people are looking for interesting and healthy ways to celebrate.  Core 57 is a new gym in Alpharetta, Georgia, and they’ve got the right idea when it comes to celebrating Valentine’s Day in a healthy, and rejuvenating, way.  They’ve scheduled a couple’s yoga class complete with yoga, a sweet chocolate treat from a neighboring business and an essential oils expert to be on site.

Image credit: Core 57

Create a couples event or highlight a couples themed service or product that is already established in your business.

Make your website festive

You can add Valentine’s Day imagery or icons throughout your site to create a theme for the holiday.

Plugins – add a Valentine’s effect to your WordPress website by adding the Weather Effect plugin by A WP Life.  This plugin adds cute weather and occasion effects.  You can use it year round as they have a selection of effects to choose from.

Weather Effect screenshot
Valentine’s Day balloons are floating on our website.

Social media

Add a romantic poll or quiz on social media to increase engagement.   I added a poll to my business Facebook Page  asking folks if they prefer toasting with champagne or sharing a dessert when sailing on a cruise with their loved one.  It’s human nature to consider the answer when posed a question, so even if someone does not respond to the question, the poll itself may keep people’s eyes on your page a little longer.


Use the appropriate hashtags like #valentinesday #love #couple #photooftheday.  Post romantic images and videos that relate to your business.

Email Marketing

Send a holiday themed email or newsletter to your list.  Tell them why you love them!  Give them ideas for the holiday that will wow their significant other.  Does your business provide a unique couples experience or product?  Include a recipe for a decadent dessert, a fun Valentine’s cocktail or a quick DIY for holiday decorating.

Everyone wants to feel appreciated and Valentine’s Day presents a reason to reach out to your customers and show them some love.

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