Is an alpaca farm in my future?

A Facebook friend of mine just posted a list of new things she’s been doing since Covid struck. Her list is full of arts & crafts and ends with the desire to buy an alpaca farm so that she can spend her days blissfully spinning alpaca yarn. I feel her post from the top of my head to the bottom of my soul. Alpacas are adorable! I briefly contemplated if I could give it all up and raise fluffy alpacas. This was a fleeting thought as I contemplated the enormous responsibility of farming and tending to livestock. I suspect that they could be a lot of work (smelly, hard work) and they might not appreciate my southern climate. It is also important to note that I don’t currently own any farmland so that would be a barrier to making this dream a reality too. So, maybe alpacas are not actually something that I want or should raise.

Alpaca’s are cute! I have no idea how hard they are to raise though.
istock image

However, I do love arts & crafts and she really got me thinking about what new things I have been doing as a result of spending so much time at home. Despite working and going to school from home we have carved out time for some leisurely pursuits. These Corona virus days have produced unprecedented art and creation from me and my family. We’ve sewn face masks, made pillows, designed and created earrings and beaded bracelets. We’ve painted paintings and painted kindness rocks.

My daughter put together a family cookbook. I researched Polish cuisine and found a recipe for pierogi that taste just like my grandma’s. I even made the farmers cheese that I used in the recipe. I made cheese, people. Actual cheese!

My husband rediscovered bourbon and perfected an Old Fashioned. It’s really nice to slow down and enjoy a handcrafted cocktail from time to time.

We bought a fondue set instead of dining out at a fondue restaurant to celebrate one of the kid’s birthdays. One child took charge of the process but most of us chipped in to help with the dinner. It was a lot of fun and it made me wonder why fondue ever went out of style. It’s groovy and I’m glad it’s made a comeback.

Chocolate fondue for our retro inspired birthday bash

We went all in and decorated for fall which is something that we usually skip. We typically go from Halloween and then hyper drive our decor straight to Christmas. Not this year. Autumn showed up at our house.

Hello Fall!

We watched entire TV series together and developed a strong affection for baby Yoda.

We’ve gone for long walks and hiked nearby mountains. The state of Georgia is beautiful and it’s been wonderful to stop and look around. My son took up running.

Benny votes NO to any more pets, particularly alpacas

There is so much more that we’ve done during these days at home but I’ll stop here. The question is, should we toss it all aside and raise alpacas on a rolling countryside? Time at home has certainly resulted in art, creation and an appreciation of slowing down at my house. I am still dreaming of owning a tranquil alpaca farm but I probably should just paint a picture of one.

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