Personalized items are #1 every holiday season

Cady Carnes is an Atlanta native who always had an interest in art. She took art classes at the High Museum when she was a child and majored in graphic design at the University of Georgia. Her journey included working in advertising and graphic design after college but, like many moms, she took some time off from paid work to raise her three children. She always felt the pull of artistic endeavors and in 2002, she created a platter for her mother-in-law with caricatures of her children as flowers growing in a garden. People loved the concept and asked for platters of their own. She recognized the potential and – viola! – her business Pitter Platters was born.

A selection of unique platters from Pitter Platters. All are food and dishwasher safe.

Pitter Platters has thrived and evolved to include platters, ornaments, herb sticks, prayer bowls and much more. Many of her items can be personalized and this is where Cady really shines. She is supremely qualified to personalize her pottery because of the lettering and typography skills she honed as a graphic artist. Also an educated artist, she has an eye for great design. Her personalized Christmas ornaments are a best seller.

Personalized Nutcracker Ornament
Personalized ornaments are a best seller

Her designs are unique. Her advent rings are one of my personal favorites. These small rings are one-of-a kind and perfect for someone who lives in a small space like an apartment or for use in an office.

Online shopping is very 2020

Historically, Cady has participated in numerous holiday markets but many of the markets have been cancelled this season. Her items are super popular at the markets because she personalizes them on the spot and the buyer can take the finished piece home. Cash and carry items are great to include when you sell at any type of market (you can read our tips on successful selling at holiday markets here). Due to the lack of in-person events this year, Cady had to be nimble with her business strategy and has moved to strongly promoting her on-line shopping options. Her on-line gallery design is simple and effective and using the Pitter Platter shopping cart is intuitive and easy.

The Pitter Platter shopping gallery is simple and effective. The buyer can see each item without distraction

You can visit Pitter Platters online at You can shop and also sign up to be informed of upcoming craft shows.

Pitter Platters recognizes how desirable personalized items are. They are a hot seller every holiday season, especially here in the south. Are you planning on buying any personalized gifts this holiday season? If so, please comment below.

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