Thank you for visiting.  My vision for this blog, and website, is to create a community for moms-in-business and working moms, provide resources and a place to grow and promote our businesses.

As a networking group, Enterprising Moms has been around in various forms since I started my travel agency back in 2012.   I bought a Dream Vacations franchise, mostly because as a mom of four kids I am super busy, and I wanted a system and great training;  I got all of that and more.  At our training, it was emphasized that business networking was critically important to our success as travel agency owners.

When I got back to Georgia, I jumped right into networking and attended general networking as well as women only networking events.    After a few months of connecting with other folks, I wondered  where the moms in business networking groups were.  There are times when I would not mind talking about business and babies.  I think it’s valuable to me to network with people who are in the same situation; moms who are bringing home the bacon, frying it up in a pan and doing it from the soccer fields and after the PTA meetings.  So, I searched for a local mompreneur group and I did not find one so I created the “Enterprising Moms”.

Our usual events feature a speaker who offers a workshop on a compelling business topic.   Our speakers have all been business moms except one when our group was offered a workshop on building a website.  We will continue to offer these events as well as simple, free-form networking meet-ups.  I am always impressed by the quality of our speakers and am inspired by the amazing women entrepreneurs in our midst.  We meet with the goals of learning something, making business connections and growing our businesses.