Meet McPatti Langston

McPatti Langston is the event sponsor for our January meeting – Speed Leads!  Thank you, McPatti!

She has been a professional organizer in the metro Atlanta area for ten years.  She loves helping people create organizing systems for their lives to improve their time management and aid in the process of decluttering.  She maintains that changing your mindset will change your energy, a belief that has significantly improved the lives of her many clients.

McPatti has recently published her book, “Magically McOrganize“.  In her book, McPatti details the decluttering process in a way that is fun, fulfilling, and unique.  McPatti’s “clearing clutter for clarity” McOrganizing method – derived from her own nickname – along with her magic wand, guides you through clearing your home in a way that ensures visible progress, clarity of mind, and peace in your space.

Magically McOrganize