Our April Sponsor – Debbie Holtzen

Being a better you starts with prioritizing yourself

Debbie Holtzen of Plexus Worldwide sponsored our April meet-up.  She has been a business owner for many years and is now focusing on building her Plexus business and sharing her knowledge of healthy living with people.   We got the chance to interview Debbie about her business journey.

When and why did you start your Plexus business?  I started my Plexus business in late March of 2015. I realized how incredibly unhealthy I had become over the years. I had always been an athlete and loved to work my body to its limits, but over the years I had given up on being athletic and got tired, overweight and depressed. A friend of mine had posted something on Facebook about this amazing little Pink Drink that she had started to drink and she felt amazing. I asked her for a sample and I have never looked back.


What did you do prior to Plexus and have any skills from your prior work transferred to your current venture?  What I did prior to my Plexus Business was work as a hairdresser for over 30 years. I had my own business for about 25 years of that time in San Diego. I was used to building my clientele with word of mouth advertising and supporting myself through my passion for helping people. That passion has carried over into my Plexus Business because I still love helping people feel and look better. I feel very comfortable talking to people and guiding them in their health journey.

What is the biggest benefit to running your business?  The biggest benefit to running my own business, is knowing that it is up to me to be successful and all the things that I have learned, helps me to guide and direct others. This is true in my Plexus Business as well as my Hairdressing business. It is all about helping people look and feel better about themselves.

Have you been surprised by any challenging, or unexpected, situations with your business?  The biggest realization in my current business is the fear that people have of changing their health habits. Realizing that some people would rather take medication to mask an issue other than deal with the root causes. I have had to deal with root causes in my own health journey and it is hard but I am determined to not be on medication as I age.  Some medicine is unavoidable, and yet there are so many medications that can be avoided by lifestyle changes. This to me has been most surprising and most challenging. I realize that we like a quick fix in our lives and Plexus is not a quick fix, but it is a fix.

What is the best business advice that youve received?  That it is not about ME!!!! Realizing that being a Network Marketer is about others and not about me. It is about others’ timing, others’ goals, others’ fears and when I realized that, the fear of not succeeding has diminished.

Why is health and self-care so important to moms in business?  I believe we are taught as women to put ourselves last. We are taught by our moms, by our schools, by our churches that to be a successful “woman” we need to not desire, demand or need time to ourselves to replenish and restore. What I have found in my 60 years on this earth and from raising a son, that to replenish and restore has been the most profitable in terms of being there for the people I care most about. Taking care of myself physically, has made me a better wife, a better friend, a better mother, a better sibling. Self care should be at the top of all women’s list. Be it in the form of soaking in a bath once a week to an exercise class, to wine with a friend. This will restore who you are and bring you back to yourself.


Thank you, Debbie, for your support of the Enterprising Moms and for your contributions to our group over the years.

Please visit Debbie Holtzen’s website at shopmyplexus.com/debbieholtzen 


Debbie Holtzen is #mother and lover of my family. Health nut, exerciser, and all around passionate about life.

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